Mar 13,2024

Correct use

Do not cut branches beyond the working range of the scissors, do not cut things that are too hard such as metal, stones and other non-vegetable materials, do not clamp the tool in a vise, if the scissor blades are worn out or damaged, replace the scissor blades
Should keep the equipment clean, clean the electric pruning shears, battery and charger with a clean cloth (do not use any corrosive or solvent-based cleaners), use a soft brush or a dry cloth to clean the dust on the head of the scissors.
Do not immerse the electric pruning shears, battery and charger in any liquid such as water.
Please follow the instructions to use the equipment correctly, electric pruning shears, batteries, chargers are damaged do not use
Into the stock switch does not work properly to turn on or off the electric pruning shears, do not use the electric pruning shears, electric pruning shears that can not be controlled by the switch is dangerous and needs to be repaired.
Ensure that the switch is switched off when making any adjustments, replacing accessories or storing the power pruning shear, this protective measure will reduce the risk of the power pruning shear being accidentally activated.
Store unused power pruning shears with the blades switched off, out of the reach of children and out of the reach of people unfamiliar with power pruning shears or who do not understand the instructions for their use, as they are dangerous for untrained users.
When using electric pruning shears and accessories, follow the instructions and use them, taking into account the working environment and the work to be done, using electric pruning shears for operations that are not in accordance with the requirements can lead to danger.
After use, the moving blade and fixed blade to remove dirt, and then in contact with the part of the lubricant or oil, so that the blade is in a state of normal maintenance, the next time you use it will reduce resistance and prolong the life of the blade.